Green Retrofits

Replacing aging equipment or building components are energy efficiency measures with some of the highest savings potential. Incorporating renewable and backup energy sources are also a method for capturing savings.

Since these are big ticket items, it makes sense to leverage detailed load-level energy data to justify the retrofit, and measure the results. If grants or utility rebates are involved, it may even be required. LoadIQ's EI.X Series Monitor can capture load-level data with a single hardware connection, and track energy performance in real-time through Enable.EI. Since it also monitors the rest of the building, you can track multiple assets simultaneously. At the portfolio level, it can be a benchmarking tool for equipment and buildings alike.

Measurement and verification protocols are well established, and often require sub-meters or data loggers. For your next project, consider a load-level approach on the front end, and leave it in place to provide persistent visibility into energy performance.

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